Sunday, 20 May 2012

Nails: chinchilly with leopard print, over broadway nail real life brush on gel.

Today's nails are the result of a few experiments.. There are a lot of thing people like to try do at home, rather than pay for them to be done to save money, and I am one the them. I will give anything a go when it come to hair, make-up, and nails at home. I always dye my own hair, and have even tried cutting it (that one is best left to the pros!). So when I saw a nail extension kit that promised salon nails at home, I thought "why not?". The box promised it would be easy with no filing.

Here is the results.. 
After I did the gel extensions I put Essie Chinchilly with some gold leopard print.

Now, I wouldn't really recommend the broadway nail gel kit, as it wasn't as easy, nor as good results as I was expecting, BUT with some polish and some attitude I think it's not too bad. What do you think? Have you tried to do your own nail extensions at home, or would you stick to getting a pro to do them?

Essie Chinchilly is fab! I would assume that all Essie polishes are this good, and if that's I'd that case I will be buying more! I picked this up from boots for £7.99, I have had this on my toes for about 10days, and have no sign of wear at all! I think this is a fantastic result! Just for a comparison of price, boots no7 nail polish is £8. If I have £8 to spend on nail polish, I would be picking the Essie all the way! application was smooth and easy, and it was super shiny without any top coat, and from what I can tell it wears beautifully! I can't talk highly enough of this nail polish, and think everyone should give it a go! 

Jebbie.X <3

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