Saturday, 31 March 2012

Nails: Orange gradient manicure...

Here is a quick snap the manicure that I had on today.
You might know that the colour of the year is "tangerine tango", and if you have been shopping on the high street recently you might have notice the orange/coral colours everywhere. I would have never said I was an orange girl, but it turns out I have a lot of orange nail varnish, and even an orange lipstick. 
I have been meaning to try a gradient manicure for a while now, and thought what better colour to go for the orange through to red.
My thumb is a slightly darker red, although it's not in the picture. 
I think my favorite of the five nails, is the ring finger. It is a rimmel 60second nail varnish I picked a while back in a supermarket it is called "instyle coral."  and I can't decided if it is pinky or orangey. I think It might sit somewhere perfectly between the two colours. I have topped all the nails off with my trusted Seche vite, which makes them supper shinny, and hard wearing.

Hope you are having a good weekend! 

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Beautiful Red Shoes

I was shopping in town a few weeks ago, looking for some red shoes. Just when I was about to give up the search I found these...

I was walking past Schuh, and saw these in the window, and fell in love with them. I went in to see them closer, and found them in this beautiful patent red. I love crowns, so when I saw shoes with little crowns on I had to have them. You can pick up a pair here, they cost £60 and have a heal height of 12.5cm with a 3cm concealed platform. I am in love with them so much I currently keep them on a shelf! I have worn them out once or twice, and hope I get more opportunities to wear them in the future.


Friday, 23 March 2012

At home Rockstar nails.

So today I thought I would show you that it is possible to get the rockstar nail look at home. When someone says "rockstar" I think of loads of glitter, with a high gloss finish. The pros will use a gel polish to create the look, but you can do it with normal polish at home, if you have plenty of patience to wait for the polish to dry in between coats that is!  I struggle with the waiting between the coats because I am impatient!
 This is my attempt, I haven't been able to catch all the glitter in this photo, but in real life they are super sparkly! 

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Hair: Fishtail plait

I have been looking for different hair styles that I can wear to work. I walk for about 2 miles to get to work, so when it is windy I need to have it tied back so it doesn't get knotty. So after some research I thought I would try a fishtail plait. There are lots of tutorials all over the internet, and this is my first attempt at it! 
As you can see, it's not the best fishtail braid, but it was my first go. I think the cross over strands need to be thinner, and maybe tighter. My hair is only just past my shoulders, so I have done one plait on each side, like little bunches, but when it's longer I think I would take it all over one should and do the braid there.  It works really well for keeping my hair out of my way when I am walking to work, and also out of the way enough, while still retaining some personality to wear throughout  the day while I am there.

I am really loving braids, and think I will be wearing them a lot this summer, especially now my hair is getting longer!


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Nails: Free hand french manicure.

Here is a quick snap of my current manicure. 

This is a free hand french manicure, I have kept is very simple, and have just added the white tips over a gel base coat, then topped it all off with a coat of Seche Vite. I did this free hand, because I personally, don't like using the guides for doing french tips, as I am always a bit hit and miss with them.
People always tell me they can't paint tips on free hand, it takes practice! Paint them on, take them off and start again, and just keep practicing until you can get a shape that you are happy with, and even when you are happy, that you can get a consistent shape,  you might still find you have a wobble now and then. That's when I find having these little stickers helpful, if you have a little wobble, you can add a sticker over the area, and one on the other hand to match, and ta-dah! Simple enough for work, but without feeling like you haven't bothered to do your nails. Remember, even if they aren't perfect, very few people will look at your nails close enough to tell!

- Jebbie.X