Saturday, 7 April 2012

Nails: Glitter leopard print.

I did these nails last year sometime on some artificial nails, and loved them so much that I decided to do them again. This time I have done these on my own nails.

I used my normal base coat, the on top of that I used a sliver nail polish, just to block in the background, so that the glitter polish wouldn't be see through. I still used three coats of glitter  mine is a holographic glitter - Juicy jewels by models own.). I then used a coat of seche vite to smooth the glitter, and help dry all the layers quickly. I left that for about 20mins, before adding the leopard print carefully on top ( I say carefully because it can still be a bit tacky under the top layer.) followed by another coat of seche vite, to give a great shine.
With all those layers, lets be honest I wasn't expecting in to last very long; I thought I would just chip off in big chunks. After 3 days it was still all in tack! That is quite an achievement for me, as I am quite hard on my nails; even to the extent that I used acetone, to take someone else nail polish off with these on. After the three days one of my thumbs started to lift up slightly, and me being me, I picked at it, because I was planning on redoing my nails later that day.
It did take me 30mins to get all the glitter off, but I loved them so much I think it was worth it, but maybe not every weekend.


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