Monday, 11 June 2012

Nails: Sculpting and tips (acrylics)

Hello guys and girls, 
I am studying to become a nail tech, so I thought I would update some pictures of the first nails I have done with acrylic, and knowing what I am meant to be doing. Now I am not saying that these are right, or the best.. they are just the first 3 sets of nails I have ever done,I thought it would be nice to document the progress of my nails, so here goes the photos. 

 The two sets of nails above, are the first two sets of acrylic nails I have done on myself. They have been applied with tips, and a clear acrylic. (This is because that is what I have to practice with, I hope to be moving on to the classic pink and white)

This set is my first ever attempt at sculpting nails, so there is no tip used here.I think I like this method, but I will need to continue to practice both ways, so that I can be competent in both ways, as to offer any future clients the best service I can, to suit their needs. 

ALL of these nails are too thick. I need to practice getting the shape, and making the tips nice and thin. They should be about the thickness of a credit card, and I think that these could be about 50% thinner, but I need to make sure I am not compromising the structural integrity of the nail, by making it too thin so that the nail snaps. This could also be helped by creating a better C curve, as a good C curve will create a stronger nail. My nails are rather flat, and lack much of a C curve, so I will need to concentrate on learning to create that beautifully.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at how I have been learning, If you have any questions, tips, or comments, let me know below. 

Take care - Jebbie <3

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