Saturday, 16 June 2012

Nails: Zebra holographic nails.

Hello guys!

Today's offering, if something that just, kinda, fell together. I was going for some wavy strips on the nails, 
but the further along I got, they more like up close zebra stripes it looked, so I decided that as to just help it along and finish the design up as zebra stripes.. So here is the finished manicure..

 This was done with my trusted models own black nail art pen (which is starting to get a bit sticky now, I need a new one, as I have been using it so much!), and technic holographic nail polish, which has no name..

What do you think of the results? Sometime a good manicure comes out of something that has started to go wrong. 

* note, I am sitting here with my new enrapture extremity heated rollers in, which I have been practicing with for the last week. I am hopefully getting the hang of them, and when I have a will do a post on them, but even when I can't get them to work as I would like, I have been getting great comments on my hair, which is always nice to hear.

Peace out - Jebbie <3

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