Monday, 10 September 2012

Nails: Sunset in Africa.

I am a huge Pinterest fan (follow me) and I spend lots of time on there. I have seen lots of gradient nails, and lots of different ways to do them. So I decided to give them ago here is the results:

<<< I was looking for a way to wear yellow nail polish, and as the sun has come back out, I thought it might be one of the last weekends to wear a summer manicure before next year.

So this is my first attempt... I decided not to mix the colours first, and to just layer them over one another.  I was rather impressed at how quick this was to do, I took me less than 10mins to put the gradient on - which I thought was pretty good.  I wore this for a day, then decided that being me, I couldn't do with some art on them...
>>> So I added some of my favorite, quick to do, zebra stripes, to funk them up some more and TA-DA this is how they turned out. I like this look, it is bold and bright, but the black in the animal print tones down the loudness of whole look and for me makes it more wearable.

I really enjoyed doing this manicure, it looks far harder than it is, which means that your friends will think you have some bad-ass nail art skills, and all you'll need is a make up sponge! I will be doing some more of these in the future.

Have you ever tried a gradient manicure? What are your thoughts?

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