Friday, 7 September 2012

Nails: Water marble experimentation

Here is yet another manicure I have done using GOSH holographic hero. This time I used water marbling, I did this over an old manicure of plain holo, so I had already had my 24hour wear from it.

So on to the pictures:

<<< Gosh holographic hero (under bright lights.)
Everyone know what this looks like, but it's so pretty I wanted to post another picture. <<<

>>>I wanted to show you what the holo looked like when it was under "normal" lighting inside. Not super exciting or impressive, but I still like it! >>>

<<< This is what my hands looked like after I had dipped them in the water with the nail polish in. This is of course before I cleaned them up. I am would rather had a big clean up then fuss with tape, but that is my personal preference.<<<

>>>This is this finished nails after I cleaned them up!

I loved these nails, and was quite sad to take them off. >>>

I also thought I would show you some water marble nails that didn't go to plan:

<<< After the holo water marble looked so fab, I thought I'd try an autumn theme marble.

I don't like the way this one came out, it's just not how I imagined it. <<<

What you think? Have you tried water marbling, how did it go?


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