Thursday, 22 March 2012

Hair: Fishtail plait

I have been looking for different hair styles that I can wear to work. I walk for about 2 miles to get to work, so when it is windy I need to have it tied back so it doesn't get knotty. So after some research I thought I would try a fishtail plait. There are lots of tutorials all over the internet, and this is my first attempt at it! 
As you can see, it's not the best fishtail braid, but it was my first go. I think the cross over strands need to be thinner, and maybe tighter. My hair is only just past my shoulders, so I have done one plait on each side, like little bunches, but when it's longer I think I would take it all over one should and do the braid there.  It works really well for keeping my hair out of my way when I am walking to work, and also out of the way enough, while still retaining some personality to wear throughout  the day while I am there.

I am really loving braids, and think I will be wearing them a lot this summer, especially now my hair is getting longer!


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