Monday, 23 July 2012

Lifestyle: Park:live - We are Scientists, and what I wore to the festival.

In my last post I wrote about how I was excited to see We are Scientists in Gloucester..
So here is a photo heavy post on how the day went down..

Me looking crazy but it's okay because I am with Keith Murray..Yes I really am that short and he really is that tall
I was so happy to meet Keith, he is possibly the nicest man in music! 

Some snaps of me and my friends hanging out...

You can't really see my outfit choice here, but I had some some denim high waist shorts, and a simple black v-neck top, with a light weight cotton cardi over it. I wore my blue-green ballet pumps, because we had to do a lot of walking and standing.
As for my make-up I did a really simple face that would last all day and through the night. I will do a post on my summer make-up look soon..

Now on to We Are Scientists.. They were amazing live as normal, and played almost continually for an hour and a bit, bashing out all the hits including; nobody move nobody gets hurt, after hours, and nice guys. They also played three new songs, one of which they named "sprinkles". If they guys new songs all sound as good, the new album will be a big hit with the fans..

In my last post I said I was looking for places to go this week, while I am off work. We finally decided that we would go to Leeds. We have a few plan for the few day we are  in Yorkshire, which include going to the zoo, heading to York for the afternoon, and of course exploring Leeds.

I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine.

Take care - Jebbie<3

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