Sunday, 8 July 2012

Nails: Weekend experiment.


This is something I tried for a little experiment, not to mention the fact I was SOOO excited to try my new nail polish, that my lovely boyfriend found for me on the internets, after me going on about it for ages... For Audrey - china glaze. I am a big fan of both china glaze, and  greeny-blue colours...The little finger is OPI - pink Friday in the Nikki Minaj collection which is also on my thumb.

The middle finger is the experiment. I have been trying to find the best way to recreate the "rockstar" nail look without using a gel polish, and I think this might be it. This glitter is a trade only nail glitter from young nails, but there are lots of craft glitter available.
 I used my gelous base coat, and then dipped my finger in the glitter, when I had started to dry.. after about a minuet I pressed all the glitter flat onto my nail, and waited for it dry for about 5 minuets then used my nail brush ( a clean old tooth brush does the trick) to brush off all the glitter that hadn't stuck to any polish. I thought I might need to do a second coat but it worked really well with just one. I like my glitter to have a smooth finish and look like it is encapsulated, so what I did was use to coats of gelous making sure each was dry before the next, and finished with a coat of seche vite on top to get that fab shine that it has become famous for..

I would like to say that this lasted on me all day with out chips (I change my nails nearly everyday) but I have acrylic overlays on my natural nails, so nothing chips, this is a lot of layers for normal nails, and might start of peal off.. Although I have had a similar application on my toes for two weeks with no problems, but toes don't wear as much as your fingers.

What do you think of the rockstar look for nails? Do you have a nail polish that you have been looking for and can't seem to get?
Take care! Jebbie<3

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