Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Lifestyle: Trip to Yorkshire

I am back from my holiday! This is an epic personal post, with lost of pictures, so if that's not your thing, stop reading here..

I thought I would should you some snapshots of my little trip away, and tell
you what I got up to, so this post will be littered with little photos that we took.
We ( me and my lovely David) when to Leeds for a few days. When we booked we didn't really have any plans of what we were going to do, we had decided before we went that we would go to York for the day, because I got some guest list tickets for the We are Scientists show in York, but that was the only plan we had other then to had a little explore of the area.  

We didn't want to just go shopping while in Leeds, so we went to see what was at the park. The Park we ended up in was Roundhay park, where we went to tropical world, the reason we are both standing under a waterfall.
Tropical world was awesome! It cost less than £4 each to get in, and in there they have birds, fish, meerkats, turtles as well as other things.
 Now, I love turtles, so there could have been nothing there, and I would of still enjoyed it.

Inside, they have different sections, for different regions, but you should know, they are all hot!! (You could probably guess due to the name TROPICAL WORLD) by the time we left, I was desperate for my face powder!      

I think that the section with the waterfall and turtles was my favorite part. I loved seeing the little guys trying to crawl out of the water to lounge on the rocks. I also found it amazing to stand under the waterfall, I know it wasn't "real" but at least I could pretend that I was under a real one, there is soo much water, just gushing over the edge of the rocks poring down.. Just awesome.

After we finished at tropical world, we had a walk around some of the rest of the park. We ended up walking around Waterloo lake Which was huge! At
the top point of the lake, we climbed up a really steep hill.. Pictured left, It doesn't look that big, but it was at least a 45 degree sloop, without a real path, (because it was the woods) I don't think I have ever walked through the wood before, and I have to say, I had a great time. Although next time, I think I need to wear better shoes for the occasion..

We have a lot of forest near here in Gloucestershire, but we never go to them, I think that it is something I would like to one afternoon when we have nothing to do.We don't take enough advantage of the things that we have near..

After we had finished our huge walk in the park around the lake, instead of going to the sensible thing and heading to the hotel for a rest, we went straight on to York, as I was told that there is a lot of fun things to do it York.. Turns out, there isn't. York was lovely, for the first hour or so.. Then it got really boring really fast!
We had got there at about 2pm, and had nothing to do until We were due to see We are Scientists. The doors we open at 7:30pm but they weren't on until 9:30ish.. Loooong wait when you have nothing to do, but it turns out it was totally worth it! Since it was an over 18's gig they busted out there amazing, form of between song comedy, that was as per normal full of unsuitable for young people topics, that I won't mention here, and lower the tone..For a guy that has had to cancel gigs due to throat problems, Keith was sounding good, and again they played all their hits, and the same 3 new songs that they had played in Gloucester. I had a great time, even if it was a bit rough, and we had to go and stand at the side of the room..

The next morning we got up early again, and headed for the Yorkshire wildlife park, we had a lovely walk around, and it was nice, to be able to get up close to the animals, as lots of them were walk through areas.

This is an awesome shot that David took of some Capybara.. I love Capybara, they look like giant guinea pigs :)

After we finished at the zoo, we thought it was about time to head back home. Which I was glad of, and I think David was too, because we were both exhausted!

So that was the end of my little trip way. I also stained my hair pink in a few sections at the front when we got home, so I will be hopefully posting a photo of that, and some other make-up related posts in a few days.

Jebbie <3

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