Saturday, 4 August 2012

Style: How I cheer myself up..

When I am having a bad day, or don't feel like going into work, I know I need to think of something to cheer myself up.
After putting on my make-up and doing my hair - which i might not feel like doing, but it goes a long way to making me feel like myself..

When I still need a little boost I put my favorite perfume..

I picked up this box back when the Christmas stock first hit the shelves last year..
There is four different perfumes in here, and my favorite is miss dior cherie. I like the others scents in this set too, but they aren't as "me". 
I think buying them like this was a good idea, because I got the chance to try four dior perfumes, that I wouldn't have normally bought full sized. Also I have found they last a long time without taking up too much space, and they travel well because of their smaller size.

Photo from google images..

I think every girl should own one thing that makes her feel special even on her worst day..I am very lucky to own lots of things that make me feel good, but having this on makes me feel a bit more special..
I don't only wear it on bad days, I like to put miss dior cherie on when I am going somewhere nice, or planning a good day out!

What is you favorite perfume? How do you like to pick yourself up on a bad day?

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