Monday, 13 August 2012

Nails: Color club - art club striper brushes

>>>Guess what! I ended up in TK Maxx again, and I picked up some
 more nail polish..This time it was the art club, by color club striper brushes. I picked this set of seven polishes for £7.99, and as you can see, there is black, white, green, red, and yellow. As well as a gold and sliver glitter, and a sealer top coat.  These are just the brushes, so if you use the pen nib on normal art pens a lot, these might not be for you. I didn't really expect too much from these, as I love my models own pens, and didn't think I would be able to get better then them. Now, these are amazing! I found that they were thick enough to work with, but without getting all sticky which a lot of nail pens I have used. In short I loved working with these, and would defiantly buy more in the future.>>>

on to some of the designs I have made with them..

<<< I started out just playing with the pens on my nail art wheel, and this is some of the basic things I came up with. I found the colours reminded me of Christmas, and so a lot of the nail designs seem to have that feel about them. <<<

>>> I really liked the yellow and black, and made this kind f warning tape style nails, and I loved them. I was a bit sad to take them off at the end of the day, but needed to try some more designs on my nails. >>>

<<< This is some stripes I needed to have a go at. I am really pleased with these, although close up photos make them look less good, in real life I think the nails look awesome. It's a shame they too have to come off in favor of a natural looking manicure for work. <<<

Sorry for the poor quality photos, I am still taking them with phone, which is sometimes okay, but it has been less good since I spilled acetone over it. I have managed to melt a lot of the plastic, and get acetone under the screen, so I can't see the details on it as well.. Oh well, I could use my camera when I get less lazy ;) 

So have you guys picked up any nail polish bargains recently? What is on your wish list for the autumn winter season?  

-Jebbie. <3

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