Sunday, 5 August 2012

Nails: Essie and color club collections.

About 2 weeks ago, when i was having a wee shopping spree in town, I happened to be in TK Maxx looking for something.. I can't remember what it was - it's irrelevant anyway.. I stopped to have a look at their beauty products - I never normally do this, i like to get my make-up etc from a department store, or the likes for the "experience" of high end shopping even when it's not. - and they had loads of nail polish in there at amazing prices. I picked up a few items...

3 Essie nail polishes ( these come as a set, it's not mix and match, which I know puts some people off.) These were £10.. Which if you like all of the colours is a bargain, as they are £7.99 each in boots.. I don't know what colours these are, as they have the wrong labels on them.. I guess the fact that they are seconds is why they are selling them cheep.. Also to note is the brush, I believe, is the older style brush, but the nail polish is still the same awesome Essie..

Essie, and color club swatches..

I also picked up the foiled collection from color club, as seen swatched here..They came as a full set, of 6 colours, and a topcoat for £7.99 I thought was a great price for seven nail polishes.. I saw these a few months ago and didn't pick them up because in the bottles they only look okay, but when they are applied they look amazing. I normally prefer to have my nail polish in creme colours, but these are really pretty.

Yesterday I was feeling a little bit rubbish, and decided not to go out.. but David went out to pick up a few things..and when he came back he brought with him some very thoughtful presents.

4 of the Color club's spring 2012 blossoming collection. These came in a set. They are beautiful creme colours, and go on smoothly. When I first saw the greeny-blue, I immediately thought of 'for Audrey' by china glaze. Turns out it isn't the same, but it is pretty close if you don't have / can't get for Audrey, this is a good substitute.
This is the top coat that came in the set, It is a multi sized, and shaped holo glitter. More like chunks that are hand cut rather than stamped out. I love how holographic it is, and it looks really pretty over the collection.

David also picked me up the new summer 2012 take pack of four, I think there is one or two more in the whole collection, but I love the colours that came in this set. Beautiful brights that are shimmery, and if we ever get our summer back these will look fab in the sunlight.

So this is now my collection of color club nail polish, I have acquired in the last few weeks.

Both of these sets were £4.99 each, which is a fab price! I think when I buy new nails polishes for the sake of having more - which I do regularly, then TK Maxx will be the place to visit. If you are after a specific colour then one might be better off heading to somewhere with regular stock lines, as you never know what is around in TK Maxx..

So in the last 2 weeks I have brought 18 new nails polishes, that seems like a lot even to me! I wouldn't change it for the world though.

- Peace out Jebbie! <3

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