Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Nails: Making them grow.

A question I get asked a lot is: How do I make my nails grow?

These are some of the things I do when I am growing my nails after  a major break or if they are very damaged.

In my experience you can't make nails grow faster. Although what you can do is look after them while they are growing, and keep your nails in good shape so they look good whatever length they are. These tips are also useful if you are trying to grow out damage.

>>>  When I am trying to get my nails back into shape, I file them all short, and into a nice shape. you can pick what ever shape you like. I like to do a short squoval, but a round also works well.
When you have weak or damaged nails, the file you use is very important. I would suggest that a crystal or glass file, but failing that a high grit emery board. It will take longer to make big changes with a high grit, but you should find that your nails are less likely to split into layers and peel apart.

Here is a guide to the different nail shapes you can aim for:

Now that your nails are filed into shape, and they are all a similar length. I like to put on a protective coat of something to keep my nails strong.

<<< This is American Classics Gelous.
you can buy it here if you are in the U.K or here in you are in the U.S

I use this as my base coat, and even wear it if I don't have any other nail polish on, as I feel it gives my nails strength and protection, as well as making nail polish last longer. You can also use this as a top coat, I will normally use a coat of this over glitter before a use Seche Vite to help smooth it out. >>>

>>> The next important thing, and this might be more important than any other tip I know, is to use cuticle oil. I don't have a preference here, I choose ones that smell nice. I have a lovely china glaze cuticle oil, called holiday berry, and it smells like Christmas, I think it was a limited edition, but I hope they bring one out this year too. A popular among nail professionals is solar oil, I don't use it myself, but some people swear by it.. If you don't want to buy cuticle oil, you can try out almond oil, which is fab for nails and can be cheaper too.

I try to apply my oil twice a day, but you can apply it and rub it in, as often as you need. during the day, I find it easier to use a balm of some kind, like Vaseline or a similar lip balm or moisturiser. I spend the last few minutes of my lunch rubbing it in, I also find this relaxing. 
If you can't find time to do it at any other point in the day, do it at bed time, It is really important when growing you nails to keep them well hydrated, and supple, your nails should be able to bend without splitting, so if you knock them on anything they don't just snap off.>>>

Unfortunately the last thing I can suggest is just to wait, but while you are waiting keep looking after your nails, paint them nice colours or funky designs. Some colours look better on shorter nails, check out a few and see if you like them. Take pride in your nails, and know that everyone breaks a nail occasionally.

 If you are really desperate you can always go to a nail tech and have some overlays put onto your natural nail to reinforce them, or if you need length desperately have some extensions, but be warned that a good nail technician will not add a large amount of length to very short nails, as you would be more likely to break them. If you are trying to grow your nails and do end up having extensions PLEASE go to a good professional, and not a cheep one, and follow ALL the aftercare instructions, so that when they are removed the nail you are left with underneath is still in good condition, but remember that they won't be as strong as the extensions, so some people break a lot of their nails after having their acrylics or gels removed because they don't think about how weak the nails are in comparison. But that's a whole different blog post! 


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