Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Nails: it's baaaaaaacck...

As I have mentioned here I love holographic nail polish, and was very upset when they discontinued GOSH holographic, and the prices online skyrocketed.. I was have a mooch around the internet, on my eternal search for a holo as good as the GOSH one at a reasonable price  (I am waiting for the color club holo collection on come out) I found out something amazing. GOSH had re-launched their amazing holo at the start of the month. I am always on the look out, and hadn't seen in my local superdrug store, after having another look today knowing that it was available, I asked one of the staff if they would be stocking it. After much unhelpfulness, someone looked in the draw where they keep the excess store, and there is was in all it's glory. Member of staff look sufficiently confused as I grabbed a bottle, and nearly skipped to the till..

And... Here it is..
This is the NEW bottle...

>>> since the biggest complaint about the original polish was about the length of wear you could get out of this, GOSH have made it ever-so clear that it is a One-night-only 24hour polish. I think this is a great idea, no false promises.

The other complaint I had with this polish was that application was horrible. This seems much improved in the new holographic hero, and I had no problem when I applied this at all.  It went on much the same as any other nail polish, still needs two coats, but expected all my polishes to need two coats.

<<<  This is something I was anxious to know about, was how does the new holographic hero, compare to the original holographic?

Well judge for yourselves. My index finger is the original, and my middle finger is the new holographic. I think there is a minor difference, but it's exactly that MINOR, and since I would doubt you would ever wear them at the same time, it's not an issue, and to be honest, if you did wear them at the same time, I'm not sure anyone would notice the difference anyway.

So there you have it. If you missed out the last time around, or just needed to replace your original, it's back! I'm excited to say that it is apparently to be part of the GOSH permanent collection, meaning that once the rush to get it dyes down it should be pretty easy to get hold of. Also, if it's not on the shelf, don't forget to ask someone to check for you, you never know what is hiding in those draws!

What do you think of  holographic nail polish? Are you going to pick this one up? Or do you have another one that I should be trying? Let me know!


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